How to Configure the Ghost Writer

Current Version: #11.0.0

About the Ghost Writer 

With the Ghost Writer an authorized user is able to post a question/discussion in a forum as another user without giving that user admin rights.


Key Features:

  • Gives you the ability to easily post as another user

  • Flexible author abilities when it comes to questions or discussions

Installing the Ghost Writer 

Import the “Forum - ghostwriter” XML plugin as provided by Social Edge. The widget should appear in the list of widgets in Widget Studio.

This widget will be added to the page as per Placement and setting the “Forum ghostwriter” widget


Installing Instance Settings (roles, users, groups) 

Create a role for users who will be ghostwriters

  1. Click on the “Pencil” icon

  2. Choose “Administration”

  3. Choose “Membership” and “Roles”

  4. Click “Add new role”

  5. Click “Save”.
    If you want you can add additional permission to the role.

Add the role to the user who will be a ghostwriter

  1. Click on the “Pencil” icon

  2. Choose “Administration”

  3. Choose “Membership” and “Members”

  4. Find the user, to which you want to add the role

  5. Click on the user’s name and “Edit”

  6. Go to the tab “Roles”

  7. Click “Add role”

  8. Choose the role which you need and click “Add”

  9. Create a group where will be placed the widget Forum ghostwriter


Add forums

  1. You can add forums here (one would be enough) 


  1. Or add application later a forum where will be placed the widget Forum ghostwriter.
    In this case: 

    1. Click on the pencil icon:

    2. Choose Manage Group:

    3. Choose “Applications”

    4. Click “Add Application”

    5. Choose “Forum”

    6. Add “Name”, “Description”.

Placement and setting the “Forum ghostwriter” widget

  1. Go to forums

  2. Choose the forum

  3. You will see the “Forums - Ask a Question” widget.
    Typing any text and click the “Ask” button

Or you can click on the “New” button:

Opened forms will be the same.

  1. Your page will look like this

    1. Click on the “Pencil” Icon

    2. Choose Manage Group Theme

    3. Choose “Edit This Page”

    4. Remove this widget

    5. Find “Forum ghostwriter” in the list of widgets 

  1. Drag and drop it on the page

  2. Click “Gear icon”

  3. Add a role for users who will have the permission to add the author’s name to a question

  4. Click “Save”

  5. Click “Publish”

  6. Add “Subject”, “Author”(not required, if you don’t add author, publishing user will be the author), “Description”, “Tags” (not required) and click “Post”

  7. My user’s name is spylypenko@.
    Author’s name is admin.

  1. You cannot change the user’s name after publishing. 



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