How to Configure the Unfiltered HTML+ Widget

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About this Widget

Widgets by Social Edge are quality, easy-to-use custom widgets that do one thing very well (e.g., display unfiltered HTML, such as calls to action on your home page) for your Verint community.

Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, the Unfiltered HTML SE Widget comes with its own configuration panel and can be placed on your community's global homepage or any Group Homepage.

This Unfiltered HTML+ widget does not replace Telligent’s existing widgets. Rather, our Unfiltered HTML+ widget wraps code so that it is self-contained and doesn't change the rest of the CSS on your site. You can copy any CSS/HTML from an existing widget and just place it inside of our Unfiltered HTML+ widget. No additional modifications will need to be done to any of the other HTML widgets on your site. 

HELPFUL HINTS: Before You Start

If you will be using images in your HTML it will be helpful for you to upload your images first and grab the URLs so that you can use them in your HTML.

How to Upload Images

  1. Select the Pencil icon at the top left corner of your screen

  2. Select Administration

  3. Select Site > Files

  4. Upload your images from your computer (you can create a folder for each Custom HTML to keep the images organized if you like, this is optional)

  5. Once the image uploads, right mouse click on the title of the image to copy the image URL (Update your HTML with those URLs)

  6. Move on to Setup and Configuration

Setup and Configuration

Prepare and Configure the Unfiltered HTML+ Widget

  1. Navigate to the relevant group or application where you want the Unfiltered HTML+ Widget to appear.

  2. Select the Pencil icon at the top left.

  3. Select Manage Group Theme.

  4. Select Edit this Page

  5. From the Widgets menu, search for the Unfiltered HTML+ by SE widget and add it to the page by dragging and dropping the widget onto the page.

Configure the Unfiltered HTML+ Widget

While configuring the widget, DO NOT click off the white popup box or you will lose your configurations and will need to click the gear to edit and start again.

  1. Select the Gear in the right corner on the black bar of the widget to edit the widget

  2. Add a Widget Title this title will display on the published page if you select that under formatting (optional)

  3. Take your copied HTML from your clipboard and paste it into the Content section

  4. Also, you can add CSS class name for styling your widget via your theme.

  5. Click the Save button

  6. Go to Publish the Page Section below

Publish the Page

  1. Click the Publish Button in the Management Console Panel to publish your changes


  2. Click the X in the Management Console Panel, to close the Panel


  3. Your page will appear published with your updates (below are some sample CTA’s)



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