Configure Video Tile

Current Version: 2.2.0

Configuring the Video Tile

NB: In this version, administrators can prevent videos from being downloaded with an additional configuration option during the installation process. . Previously, the tile ignored the settings in the Jive Admin Console for Video.


  1. Now that you added the tile, it will be automatically in edit mode.

  2. To access the tile’s configuration panel for editing in the future, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the tile.  


Choose your Layout

Choose your Video Source

  1. For each video (or for a single video), choose your Video Source: External or Jive Content. Note: External video options are YouTube and Vimeo at this time.

  2. Note: You can restrict video display by tag for the gallery

  3. Add your title

  4. Add your description

  5. Add your thumbnail (either it will come automatically from the video source or you can have a unique custom thumbnail one)

  6. Save Video

  7. Save All before moving on to the next section. Scroll to the bottom of the tile and click the Save All button.

Select your Display Features

Under Features, choose whether to display the date and other pertinent details about the video including placement of the information, or the ability to download the video from the tile  (as shown in the following screenshot). 

  • Note: The Display download option does not inherit the admin console setting that prevents downloads.  This option is set this option to be “off” by default because of this. 

NEW in this version


Configuring the Theme

  1. Select your colors for the following components of the tile display:

    • Title color

    • Metadata color 

    • Arrow color (appears if you’re using a gallery) 

    • Note: You can type the basic colors into each color field. For example, red, blue, green, brown, black, white, yellow, purple, orange. For other colors, you can enter hexadecimal values. If you don’t know the hexadecimal value, convert your colors at

 Save your changes. Scroll to the bottom of the tile and click the Save All button.


Configuring the Custom HTML


Configure Fonts

Configure Advanced Settings


Customize Margins. Set extra padding between the Mosaic and other tiles if desired.

Configure Google Analytics

Migrate Configuration Settings