Lightbox Mosaic Tile

Current version 1.0.0

About the Lightbox Mosaic Tile

The Lightbox Mosaic Tile for Jive is an easy-to-use custom tile that makes communications simple and visually appealing.

Key features:

  1. Choose from 3 display styles for the stories

  2. Select colors for elements such as backgrounds, titles, and fonts

  3. Preview and adjust the layout before publishing. All items will automatically arrange for the best fit

  4. Have the ability to enable a popover, giving the user direct access to the story’s text 

The core features of Lightbox tile are the same as Mosaic. What’s different? When clicking on the story, the image popups up with additional details. From this dialog, several configuration options are available to the admin, including the ability to display multiple images via a custom Rich Text Editor. In addition, the user has the option to navigate to a detailed content item (similar to Mosaic).

Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, the tile can be placed on your community's global homepage or any Place landing page.