How to Configure Analytics

Add Google Analytics tracking to your tile to get advanced insight into how your users are interacting with your content. 

  1. Select your preferred tracking method:

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Tag Manager

  2. Enter the Google Tracking ID code or Google Tag Manager ID (depending on your selection in Step 1).

  3. For Google Tracking ID:

  • Then, enter a nickname for the tile. This will make it easier to see in your reports which tile you were using. This is especially useful if you have multiple tiles on the page, especially if they are the same kind.

    • Note: If you use the Migrate Configuration feature to copy the tiles settings, the “nickname” will copy over as well - remember to update the Nickname for any new tiles.

  • Once you’ve entered in your details, you’ll see (as shown below) an example of how this information will be reported in Google Analytics.



Check out the links below in Google’s Help center for more on finding the appropriate IDs: 

Note: This feature is only available on select tiles at this time.