Hero Tile

Current version: 2.0.1 or 3.0

Included in EdgePack

About the Hero Tile

Tiles by Social Edge are quality, easy-to-use custom tiles that do one thing very well (e.g., search) for your Jive community.

Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, the Hero Tile comes with its own configuration panel and can place it on your community's global homepage or any place landing page.

The Hero Tile can display up to three linked images or "calls to action" in a wide column.

Alternatively, you can choose actionable links paired with icons. This tile also shows really well

in a narrow column and on mobile.

Key features:

  • Select layout from three options

  • Combine imagery, text, buttons, and links

  • Reorder and edit action links

The Hero Tile is compatible with both Cloud and Hosted versions of Jive.