Accordion Tile

Current version is 2.0.1 or 3.0

Included in EdgePack

About the Accordion Tile

Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, the Accordion Tile comes with its own configuration panel and can be placed on your community's global homepage or any Place landing page.

The Accordion tile allows you to present interrelated sets of content in a menu with expandable sections. Furthermore, you can display each link with customized text and iconography. For admins this means you can sort and share a fair-sized amount of content in a folder like way. For users it’s immediately obvious how to discover what’s available for use. 

Key features: 

  • Add anything above the accordion

  • Organize links into collapsed sections

  • Custom icon for each link

  • Customizable colors and typography

  • Fully responsive

  • Tile expands and contracts to minimize space use

The Accordion Tile is compatible with both Cloud and Hosted versions of Jive.