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Before you Start

Before you add your stories to your Mosaic Tile, we recommend configuring the main settings of the tile first.  This will allow you to simply select from your preset configuration options (e.g. categories, color palette etc.) when you are adding your stories. 

Below are the settings we recommend you configure First

  • Settings - set your tile height, gutter width, etc.

  • Fonts - define the fonts for your tile

  • Categories - determine your main categories, so they can be selected as needed

  • Color Theme - set your brand colors for use on the tile

  • Upload your images - if you have your images ready, upload them via Static Resources now and have the urls ready

Setting these first will make it easy for you to quickly add the elements to your stories.  See the configuration guide for more on each section: or

New: If configuring for more than one language, make sure you review