How to Configure Fonts

  1. Select Fonts from the Tile menu.

  2. Select a Font method from these options:

    • Basic

    • Google

    • Custom

    • Note: Default is “relative sizing” We recommend setting up a Tile as a template with the desired settings, colors, etc. so that you can copy that configuration if you plan to reuse the across the community or share with your community management (place owners) team.

Font selection

Basic Font: Choose from the browser default fonts (serif, sans-serif, cursive, and monotype) and global web-safe fonts used in your Jive community. If you select a Basic font, you can also configure the script type (Bold, Italic, etc.).



Google Font: you can select a font from those provided by Google. Begin typing to search for a specific Google font. Browse and preview the Google Fonts database here: Google Fonts.

Google font menu

Custom Font: you can import your own custom font by supplying hosted links to your font files. For cross-browser compatibility, please specify at least a woff or ttf font file.

Note: You are responsible for licensing and paying for that font.

Custom font menu


Depending on what tile you are configuring there may be different sections for setting your fonts such as: title, heading, sub-heading, tabs, category etc.

Example Font Configuration options (Mosaic Tile)


When you are finished setting your fonts, save your changes. Scroll to the bottom of the tile and click the Save All button.