How to Copy Your Tile Settings aka, Migrate Configuration Settings

The Migrate Configuration option allows you to copy the Tile settings you have created from another Tile in this Jive community and add it to a new Tile in a different place in the community. This feature will save all the settings you have configured.  

Select from the tabs to ADD NEW CONFIG to a new Tile or to COPY CURRENT CONFIG to reuse in future tiles. 

The use code from another Tile you need to paste the copied to clipboard code from another Tile into the ADD NEW CONFIG open text field. 

  1. Paste copied code from clipboard and click apply button

  2. Click Save All

  3. Now Save the page to see your tile in action by clicking the Save button in the bottom left corner of your screen

We recommend setting up a Tile as a template with the desired settings, colors, etc. so that you can copy that configuration if you plan to reuse the across the community or share with your community management (place owners) team.