Content Tile v.1.6

About the Content (Quadrant) Tile

Tiles by Social Edge are quality, easy-to-use custom tiles that do one thing very well (e.g., search) for your Jive community.

The Content Tile comes with its own configuration panel and can be placed on your community's global homepage or any Place landing page.

Content is an integral part in sharing information and updates in your Jive community. Our Content Tile allows you to more visually and clearly display your Content on any page. This customizable tile will dynamically pull in Content from any place in the community.


Key features:

  • Organize Contents displayed by using tabs

  • Automatically display Content titles based on place

  • Manually curate content and link to both internal and external links.

The Content Tile is compatible with both Cloud and Hosted versions of Jive.

Current version of the tile

Note: An early version of the tile may have looked more like the below, with pagination.

What’s new

Version 1.6: Ability to add custom HTML header and footer – same as what’s in our other standard tiles

Version 1.5: Ability to edit the default Learn More button and adjust the size from full width to the length of the words used.

Version 1.4: Ability to show/hide the header; Edit links that have been added (previously, you had to delete them and then re-add)

Setup and Configuration

Installing the Content Tile

Note: Below is Jive's documentation for uploading Add-ons, which includes a tile.

You can build your own add-ons to leverage systems in Jive. Once you build the add-on, upload it to Jive using the Add-ons page.

When you first upload an add-on to your community, we recommend that you first restrict its visibility to yourself and test out your tiles by creating a secret group for them. This strategy reduces the impact on your community and gives you a chance to preview your add-on without setting up an entirely separate test environment.

To upload an add-on:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right, and select Add-ons.

  2. From the Add-ons tab, select All Add-ons > Upload Package.

  3. Click Browse to find the .ZIP package.


Visit Jive Core Help to view this documentation on Uploading Your Own Add-ons


Adding the Content Tile to a place

  1. On a tile-based Place, click the Manage button in the place banner. Select Edit Page if you are on a Page or Settings if you’d like to add the Content Tile to an activity page.

  2. Your Place or Activity page is now in Edit mode.

  3. Find a vacant tile zone and click Add a Tile.

  4. In the Categories column on the left, select External Add-ons.

    • If you are using Jive 8 the Content Tile will be under the Other category

  5. In the tile column on the right, select Content Tile with the Social Edge logo.

Configuring the Content Tile

To access the tile’s configuration panel for editing, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the tile. 

Content Tile Configuration Panel


This is optional. Tabs can be used to organize your quadrants of content and allow you to display multiple pages (up to 4 tabs on one row is best for usability).

Because this tile is complex, we’ve prefilled a few tabs so that you can see how it works. Please edit to suit your needs.


This is optional. This tile is used by a few customers who have members in multiple countries, so we have this tile prefilled with country codes.. This allows them to display different versions of the tile when a user selects the country from a drop down menu that appears. If not used, you can uncheck the country select box.

Default header image: Optional: Add a link to the image banner here. (Note: In later version, we plan to move this header image link to the advanced section of the configuration panel).


To add a new quadrant - click new quadrant 

Enter a title and system title and description text for your quadrant. If you’re using tabs, select one that you’ve created so that the quadrant will appear associated with that tab.

Learn More

Optional: this is if you want a button to link to a site or page for further information. Control for what apperas in the button globally is in the advanced section.

Content Source - Select where to look for content - either search for a place, select the current place you are on, or select the community as a whole.  Or, you can click to just add items manually. You can even have both in combination.

  • No matter what option is selected, you also have the ability to further filter down on the content you would like to display.  

    • You can search for something specific by clicking on add content and searching 

    • You can also filter content by specific tag(s) - using AND and OR statements


Set the Image Source - either select the default image (associated with the piece of content), a custom, linked image, or select to have no image display. 

Set The Sort Of your Content Within Your Quadrant - EIther sort by the last modified date, what was most recently created, or by title (alphabetically). 

Additionally Sort by Tags - Please enable if you would like to further sort the content displayed within the quadrant by tag. List the tags in order of how you would like the content to display.

Example: If you enter a tag “helpdesk” followed by “support” - all content with an associated “helpdesk” tag will display before content associated with “support.

 Limit View by Custom Profile Field

  • Field names for rules should be copied from "Global Profile Settings" panel of the Admin console, not from user's profile settings or profile page

  • Rules work by "and" logic: for quadrant to be shown all the rules should match viewer's profile counterparts

  • For address fields put the field name as "Address name: Field name" (e.g. "Home Address: Street 1")

  • In field value you can put multiple values separated by "||" characters. Rule will be considered valid if any of them will match viewer's value.

  • "Multi select list" type fields require complete equivalent values. To enter required values put them in value field separated by "&&" in the order they appear in the viewer's field. If the viewer has selected other options not listed in restriction rule - the condition will be considered not fulfilled.

  • For "multi select list" the paragraph above ("||" for OR) is not honored.


Click save quadrant when all work has been completed. Please complete highlighted steps above for any additional/ new quadrants. 

Configuring The Theme

In the last few versions, we’ve updated what can be controlled in the design in the following sections: main colors, header (when the header is enabled), country menu, tabs, quadrant and now the learn more button (in version 1.5)



Configure Fonts



Content Tile Font settings


  1. Select Fonts from the tile menu.

  2. Fonts can be set for the tile title, the header text of your quadrant, and the content being displayed within a quadrant.

  3. Select a Font method from these options:

    • Basic

    • Google

    • Custom


Font selection

Basic Font: Supports all of the fonts Jive allows admins to configure globally. Choose from the browser default fonts (serif, sans-serif, cursive, and monotype) and global web-safe fonts used in your Jive community. If you select a Basic font, you can also configure the script type (Bold, Italic, etc.).




Google Font: you can select a font from those provided by Google. Begin typing to search for a specific Google font. Browse and preview the Google Fonts database here: Google Fonts.

Google font menu


Custom Font: you can import your own custom font by supplying hosted links to your font files. For cross-browser compatibility, please specify at least a woff or ttf font file.

Note: You are responsible for licensing and paying for that font.


Custom font menu



Inherit font options

Note: You can choose to “Inherit” your font selections.  For example, if you configure Bold fonts you can choose to Inherit from “Bold”.


Configure Custom HTML

New in version 1.6 – see

Configure Advanced Settings

Advanced Configuration Options

  • Show Header Section - Unselecting will override having a header image, and bring the tile tabs/quadrant boxes closer to the top of the tile. It will also override the tile title, the greeting text.

  • Items below that are controls that allow linking to a specific tab and specific quadrant

Migrate Configuration

The Migrate Configuration option allows you to copy the Content Tile settings you have created from another Content Tile in this Jive community and add it to a new Content Tile in a different place in the community. This feature will save all the settings and stories you add. 

Migrate Configuration Menu


Select from the tabs to ADD NEW CONFIG to a new Content Tile or to COPY CURRENT CONFIG to reuse in future tiles. 

The use code from another Content Tile you need to paste the copied to clipboard code from another Content Tile into the ADD NEW CONFIG open text field. 

  1. Paste copied code from the clipboard and click apply button

  2. Click Save All

  3. Now Save the page to see your tile in action by clicking the Save button in the bottom left corner of your screen


We recommend setting up a Content Tile as a template with the desired settings, colors, etc. so that you can copy that configuration if you plan to reuse the Content across the community or share with your community management (place owners) team.


Publish the Page

Save your changes. Scroll to the bottom of the tile and click the Save All button. 

Click Save in the bottom left corner to publish your page




Need support or want to talk to us?  Please send an email to: