Bonusly Widget User Guide

The Bonusly Widget is NOT included in the Edgepack for Igloo

About the Bonusly Widget

Are you looking for a way to improve employee engagement across your organization as well as in your digital workplace? With our Bonusly Integration Widget you can do just that! With this widget, you'll be able to give bonuses, view and comment on activity, receive notifications, and add reactions to activity without leaving the Igloo platform. Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, the widget can be placed on your global homepage, space landing page, or page.


Key Features:

  • Displays the most recent Bonusly activity in realtime without leaving the Igloo platform 

  • Ability to give bonuses to others directly from the widget interface 

  • Configurable styling and branding included in the easy-to-use configuration panel 

  • Collect and redeem rewards from directly within the widget




Setup and Configuration

Add the Bonusly Widget to a page

Follow these detailed steps:

  1. To start, go into Edit mode on a space / page by clicking on the downfacing arrow in the banner (pictured below). Then click on edit from the drop down list. Then in the search bar for Add widgets search for “Integrations” and Add the Integration Widget  to the place where you want to display the Bonusly widget. This is done by clicking on Integrations and dragging it and dropping it wherever you would like it displayed on the page.



  2. You will need to select the Marketplace Integration Library from the Integration library drop down (as pictured below).




  3. From the Marketplace Integration Library select Social Edge Bonusly Widget



    Click Update

Configuring the Widget

Now that you have the API token it is time to configure the rest of the widget settings. This includes the title, title link, description, advanced options, and appearance. All of these settings are further explained in the following sections. 


Text entered here will appear above the top of the widget in upper case text as pictured below. 

A URL entered here will enable linking to the URL when the widget title is clicked, once it is configured and the page is published. 


Text entered in the description will appear below the title, but above the top of the widget, as pictured below

API Token 

An API token is required to allow access to your Bonusly data. Instructions to obtain the token can be found at

Advanced Options

Number of Posts

Determines the number of posts that will initially appear in the feed. To see more posts that are specified outside of the number of posts that you had set you can click on load more at the bottom of the posts. 


Primary Color

Requires a hex value.  This section applies to the top header, links in bonuses (e.g. username and URLs), and button colors. An example is pictured below: 

Accent Color

Requires a hex value. This section applies to other text such as hashtags. An example is pictured below: 

Background Color

Requires a hex value. This section applies to the widget’s background below the header section in the feed. An example is pictured below: 

Saving the Widget 

To save your widget: 

Once you have configured all aspects of the widget click on update

Publishing the Page

To publish the page and view the widget:

Once you have clicked update and are brought back to the page layout, click publish page

NOTE: If you would like to preview the page before publishing it and exiting out of the editing mode click on preview

Best Practices and Tips

Best Practice/Tip

How To…

Choose a visually appealing color palette 

To find a color pallette we suggest using this generator:

Keep track of your API Token 

Once you generate your API Token we suggest copying it and pasting it in a safe area that you can go back to and easily access.



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