How to Configure the Custom Search Widget


Current Version: #11.1

Custom Search

Are you looking for a way to provide your users with an easy way to view all of the information related to a keyword they are searching in your community? With our Custom Search widget, you can now enable your users to search for keywords in your community and easily be able to view, discover, and navigate to places and content related to their search terms.

In a visually appealing and easy to digest layout, users will now be able to see different sections of places and content related to their search terms, including Suggested Forums, Related Pages, Answered Questions, and Related Content. Within the configuration panel, as an administrator, you can determine the maximum number of items displayed for each of the sections in the widget's search results. Includes one-time customization set up service and lifetime support.


Key Features: 

  1. Can customize the number of results being displayed based on content type

  2. Offers language options 

  3. Can offer a “debugged version” for logged off users




Setup and Configuration

  1. Add the Widget

The Custom Search Widget requires one place in Verint to set up:

Add a new widget to the page 

  • Navigate to the group, space or project

  • Click on the pencil icon ()> Manage group theme > edit this page 

  • Search for the Custom Search by SE Widget  

  • Hold down the mouse on the widget name and drag it out onto the page where you want to display it 


Configuring the Widget 

While configuring the widget, DO NOT click off the white popup box or you will lose your configurations and will need to click the gear to edit and start again.

Before You Start 

Now that you are in the configuration panel of the Custom Search Widget you need to navigate to the configuration of the widget. To do so navigate to the widget you want (edit the page) and click on the cog in the corner of the widget. 


Fields to Be Filled out within Configuration: 


Stimulate “Logged Off” behavior (debug option) 

  • Acts as if user is not logged in 

  • Includes a header with a register now button and other quick action links 

Publish the Page

  1. Navigate to the advanced settings within the widget configuration 

  2. Press save  

  1.  Navigate back to the side menu (where the pencil icon is) and click Publish 




Need support or want to talk to us?  Please send an email to: