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The Twitter Widget is included in the EdgePack for Igloo

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About the Twitter Feeds Widget

The Twitter Feeds Widget for Igloo is an easy-to-use custom widget that enables you to display feeds of the most recent tweets from multiple Twitter accounts, bridging employee awareness with public company posts.

You can configure the widget to display Twitter account handle feeds and social interactions, such as @mentions and shares.

With the Twitter widget, you can display feeds for up to 5 Twitter handles at one time. Our tabbed navigation at the top of the widget allows you to seamlessly switch between each handle's stream.

Under advanced options, you can change the height of the widget to display recent tweets per Twitter handle.

Key features:

  1. Choose from 5 Twitter Handles

  2. Choose the height of the feed

  3. Change the Layout and Appearance of the feed display

  4. Users can like and share tweets right from the display.


User Guide


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Setup and Configuration

Add the Widget

To start, Add the Integration Widget to your page: 

  1. Edit Page

  2. Scroll through the  Add Widgets to locate the “Integrations” widget (as pictured below) 

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  1. Click and Hold down your right mouse button and drag the “Integrations Icon” onto your page

NOTE: This widget is available in Full width, Two-column wide, Three-column wide, Narrow column 

Next, Add “Social Edge Twitter Widget”

  1. Click “Edit” in the top right corner of the widget 

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  1. In the Integration Library drop-down select Marketplace Integration Library  

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  1. Select Social Edge Twitter Widget

  2. Proceed to Section 2. Configuring the Twitter Widget below

Note: If you see an Upgrade icon over the widget, contact your customer success manager regarding your purchase.

Configuring the Widget

For the first time configuring, you will be directed immediately into the configuration panel.  If you need to edit the configuration of the widget, click “Edit” in the widget black bar 

  1. Add the “Title” to be displayed above the widget (optional)
    NOTE:  Click Translations to add a Translation for the Title, if necessary for your digital workplace. The symbol for translation is within the yellow boxes in the picture below. 

  2. Add a “Title Link” (optional) to link to a particular place or piece of content

  3. Add a short “Description” (optional)
    NOTE:  Click Translations to add a translation for the description, if necessary for your digital workplace.

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Adding Twitter Handles

It is possible to add up to 5 Twitter Handles to this widget. You do not have to provide all five. Simply click the arrow next to each Twitter Handle line item, the line item will expand allowing you to input the Twitter Handle (Twitter username). 

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Advanced Options

To access the advanced options, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the words “Advanced Options”. From there you can edit the widget height. 

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Update and Publish

When all of the fields are filled in to your satisfaction, simply

  1. Click the blue Update button in the bottom left corner of the widget (surrounded by a yellow square) 

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  1. Click the blue Publish Page in the bottom left corner of the page (as pictured below, surrounded by a yellow square)

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Best Practices and Tips

Best Practice/Tip

How To…

Make your preferred default handle the 1st handle listed

When configuring the widget, assign Twitter Handle 1 to the most important handle.  This will be the default feed that will always appear on top.

Users Liking and Sharing Content

Users can like or share Tweets directly from the feed.  The first time they attempt to share, they will be prompted to sign into their personal Twitter account.  Posts will share to their feeds.

Add a title to introduce the feeds

Adding a fun or descriptive title will give users context for which handles are displayed.

Widget Height and Scrollbar

Edit the widget height to fit into a smaller space.  To remove the scrollbar and show the most recent 20 tweets, remove and parameter from the widget height.

Handle Displays in Wide vs. Narrow Columns

In wider columns, handles will display side by side for filtering.  In narrow columns they will stack.


Need support or want to talk to us?  Please send an email to: